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Rules & Regulations

Procedure For Admission

The application forms shall be available in the school office along with the prospectus. Kindly go through the prospectus very carefully before filling the admission form. Normally, each form should be properly filled and submitted to the school office well in advance, for the following academic year. All application forms shall be processed and the children may be interviewed and/or tested by the school. For admission in nursery the child should have completed 4 years and above as on the 31 March in the year of admission. If a student is offered admission, then the original leaving certificate issued by the previous school, should be submitted to this school. Without the original leaving certificate of the previous school, no admission can be confirmed. If a student comes from a school which is located in other district, state on U.T. in India, the leaving certificate should have counter signed by the appropriate educational authority.

Fee Rules

1. All fees are to be paid strictly in advance before the 15th of the month .
2. Fee will be charged for all 12 months.
3. No reduction is made for vacations or holidays (suddenly declared by D.M or Administration) or for broken periods.
3. A late fee of Rs. 1 per day will be charged.
4. In case of late admission of new student, fee form the beginning of the first term shall be charged in full. So long as student’s name is carried on in the register, fee will be charged irrespective of his/her absence.


1. Strict regularity, implicity, obedience, courtesy in speech and conduct, cleaness of dress and persons are expected from every pupil, must strictly to the regulations laid down in the regard.
2. Any kind of damage done to the school property must be compensated. 3 fines may be imposed by the principal for irregularity, indiscipline for damage to the school property. No collection of money for any purpose whatsoever is to be made without the previous permission of the principal.
3. The School authorities do not hold themselves responsible for a student’s loss of money, books or articles of clothing etc. They are expected to look after their own belongings.
4. All pupils must take part in drill and outdoor games. Students who cannot do so on grounds of health should produce a proper merit certificate.
5. Changes of class rooms between periods should be done in silence and in order.


1. A student absenting himself/herself from school for 6 days in succession without permission, will be marked left and his name will be struck off from the register. If the student is readmitted, he/she will have to pay Rs.20/- as fine.
2. A student absenting himself/herself for 1 or 2 days must be produce his dairy to the class teacher with the signature of his/her parents on the leave record page of the diary.
3. Absentees in examination for any reason whatsoever will not be re-examined.
4. Attendance is compulsory during monthly exam days.


1. Six exams are held for periodic assessment of students throughout the session.
2. Examination 4 formative and 2 summative examination.
3. Besides these examination, weekly and unit test are also conducted to evaluate the student’s academic excellence.
4. I Summative, II Summative examinations are held in September and March respectively.

Parent-Teacher Meeting

1. Parent’s teachers meeting will be on as per school calendar.
2. Parents/Guardians are requested to make use of this time to meet the teacher to their wards and discuss the progress of their children.
3. As far as possible all request to meet the teacher to discuss the course or anything pertaining to studies should be kept for the parents/teacher meeting. In urgent cases the principal’s permission is needed to see teacher.