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Parent Section

To the Parents

  • Admission of your children to the school is not the end of your responsibility for them.
  • Your children are at the school for about six hours only on school days. You have to see what they do during the remaining hours of the day and during holidays.
  • You should closely watch that your children attend school daily, study at least for three hours at home daily and have a good company.
  • Avoid giving them too much pocket money.
  • Do not detain your children at home for petty reasons. A school day is lost forever.
  • Send all your request, complaints and suggestions to the principal.
  • See that your child keeps all the books, copies, pencils, pen etc. in his/her bag and does his/her homework daily.
  • Success of your children in the examination depends upon the combined efforts of the parents and the teachers.
  • Your child’s name will be struck off the school register if he/she remains absent from school continuously for six days, without any proper application.
  • After the final bell of the school, the conduct and safety of your children will be your responsibility outside the school premises.
  • You should read your children’s school diary and follow the conditions accordingly.
  • Without your co-operation we can’t assure you of a good education to your children and development of their responsibility.
  • Healthy and positive suggestions will always be welcome with great pleasure.
  • All fee accounts for each month should be fully cleared before the 20th day of the month.
  • The school uniforms to be worn by students on all class days and at all school functions.
  • Parents are requested to talk to the principal or the class teacher in a vacant period or_____ the recess only. If they have to speak to him/her.