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Manager's Message

“Real Education…” as Mahatma Gandhi said, “…has to draw out the best from the boys and girls to be educated. This can never be done by packing ill assorted and unwanted information into the heads of students. It becomes dead weight crushing all originality in them…” At the PNS the curriculum is designed in such way as to bring out the originality of each child. Infact it is a huge challenge trying to discover each child’s area of excellence and gradually converting the into life skills. Educations, as a matter of fact, is all about teaching and learning of life skills. At the PNS we are looking at a holistic mode of education whereby academics and co-curricular activities are evently balanced so as to give the children a proper launching pad towards becoming a complete individual. Education covers a wide, panoramic view of life and most of it begins in school. Communication, listening, thinking, decision making, shifting and sorting information, conflict resolution, creative thinking, drawing inferences, and application are some of the skills learned at this Institute. Education is not complete without nurturing soft skills aimed at developing enduring interpersonal relationships. A healthy environment inclusive of the values of mutual respect and peaceful co-existence must be an unobtrusive part of the daily schedule. I believe that education at the PNS transcends the confines of the classroom walls and pages of the text book. A school requires imposing portals, green natural surroundings and cheerful classrooms along with the competent and concerned staff, which would all exude an air of warmth. Learning should be a joyous process where the teacher and students are partners. A school that endeavours to creates a safe and supportive environment that emphasizes the concept of ‘learning for life’. The PNS is one such school with such a mission.

Anoop Kumar Jain


PNS Arihant Public Academy

Bajopur, Najibabad